Lauren Proves Magic _gang smaller.jpg

CREATED BY: Nicole Kimberling

PRODUCED BY: Tommy Jordan

Tommy Jordan as Special Agent Keith Curry

Nicole Kimberling as Nicole Kimberling, Girl Screaming, and Keith's Coworker

Ginn Hale as Lauren, Runa the Kraken

Joji as Joji

Dal Maclean as MAGUS

Ian EveryHope as Psychic Ficus, Grandpa, Gnome King, Strike Force Jock, Insomniac Jack, Waiter, Agent Leary

Brendan Connor as Gunther Heartman, Grand Goblin Bazaar Puller

Anthony Navarro as Line Cook, Fossegrimen Pitch Guy

Jake Witchroski as Restaurant Owner 1

Spencer Reeves as Restaurant Owner 2

Tenea D. Johnson as Jumper, TJ of TJ’s Colander Emporium

Philipp Roser as Fossegrimen

Josh Lanyon as Nancy Noble

Laura Browne-Sorenson as The HR Guy

Danielle Rose as Pigeon

Astrid Amara as Susan from BLISSCO


Infinite Third from their album “Gladly.”

Spider on My Face Written and Performed by Joji and Nodalus from Motus

Cantina by the Second Hand Suits

I'm on Drugs by East Coast Dave and the Midwest Swingers

Who am I by Moongrass

Say that I'm trying by Joji

It is what it is , “On an island” and “In orbit in exile” by Tony Dutcher from the band Royal Trash.

Reality Hop taqsim by East Coast Dave

OMG by Ricky Sprinkles

I Wish My Baby Was Born by East Coast Dave

Easy by Pascal

Evacuate by Future Lab Rats

Jumper’s Theme, by Tenea D. Johnson

Runnin’ by Mr. and Mrs. Smith

So Extra by Tommy Jordan

Mind of the Machine by Future Lab Rats

Skipping 7th Grade” by CHRVNS